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Entrepreneurship In Canada Ranks 2nd In World, Report Says

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Canada is second only to the U.S. in levels of entrepreneurial activity, beating most G7 countries and much of the developed world.

That's the conclusion of the Centre for Innovation Studies in Calgary, which researched the state of entrepreneurship in Canada for the international Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in London.


Canada's level of entrepreneurship is on a par with Australia, with about 13 per cent of the working-age population involved in early-stage entrepreneurial activity, according to Peter Josty, executive director of the Centre for Innovation Studies.


"The Canadian environment and culture for entrepreneurship is healthy. Entrepreneurship is seen as a good career for which opportunities exist within the capacities of a large segment of the population," the report says.


Among the positive attitudes cited for Canadian culture:

- Highly supportive of individual success achieved through personal effort.

- Emphasizes self-sufficiency, autonomy and personal initiative.

- Encourages creativity and innovation.


But the culture of innovation is different in Canada.


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Overall, I think AXIS offers very good programs, intensive, comprehensive and effective. It gives all the important information you need to start a new career in a whole new place. The instructor knows very well how to prepare Newcomers for working in Canada

- Bo, Oil & Gas Engineering
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