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Job TitleRegionClosing Date
Preloader Mount PearlAug. 21, 2014
Mechanical Engineer St. John'sAug. 21, 2014
Pharmacy Assistant II St. John'sAug. 21, 2014
Finance Clerk St. John'sAug. 21, 2014
Recreation Co-ordinator Mount PearlAug. 21, 2014

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 AXIS Career Services works closely with local employers to match their specific needs with the international talent residing in the province. Unlike other job boards which require fees for service, AXIS website allows you to post as many jobs as you wish free of charge. In addition, displaying your logo on our homepage and featuring your company as an employer of the month will also increase your exposure and your community profile. If you would like to learn more about AXIS and discover new opportunities within the community, explore our website and contact us for more information.


For me, the AXIS Program was very helpful and motivated me beyond my expectations. I know now that I have many career options and opportunities for work in my field.

- Shakila, Civil Engineering
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